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Website Dec. 9, 2018


Hi Grandma,

It is so great to find your site.

Website Dec. 15, 2015


Hi Grandma,

Just stopping by to admire your beautiful art from here in California. Daydreaming of all the times we used to craft and paint. I have enjoyed watching you my whole life. I hope one day I can move mountains with my kindness and fill hearts with joy when I do
what I love, just like you have. I feel you here with me. I'll always be your little girl. You're my biggest inspiration. Thank you for being the best grandma a little lady could ask for.

Nov. 5, 2015

JP Lieser

Really beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. The paintings are so uplifting. I look forward to sharing this page with my family.

Jun. 4, 2014

C Steed

Reality Teaching; White Mist; and White Zone are so different. I like all three. Wonderful Imagination! Very well done CM2.

May. 24, 2014

C E Steed

C'est Magnifique

White Zone is Ethereal....beautiful.

Way to go CM2

May. 2, 2014

Julie Damore

Oh I am so happy you told me about this website, so I can enjoy the other paintings you created besides the beautiful one I took home with me. So many bring me to a place I dream of but have not seen yet, thank you.

Mar. 28, 2014

linn Singleton

Wow, wonderful, I look forward to hanging my painting when I get home

Mar. 28, 2014


These paintings are truly amazing, Christine. Each one has a spiritual meaning and is truly inspired and inspiring at the same time. Keep on painting... your 'art buddy' :-)

Mar. 28, 2014


Wonderful website --- very well done!!